Media/Social Media Volunteer

Dragonfly Power are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us tell the world about what we do:

Media volunteers share information about our events and projects or anything else that is relevant to what we do here at Dragonfly power.

As a media volunteer, you can help us spread our message through any form of media that interests you and we just want some enthusiasm to get involved.

you could write blogs or social media posts for us, take photos or even create videos or podcasts for us. 

If designing is more your thing, you could create infographics or other graphics we can use on social media and our website. 

We also welcome volunteers with technical skills who could help us improve our website. 

Main duties

  • Establishing and/or maintaining our website and social media accounts
  • Researching and creating creative content for our various social media channels
  • Attend Dragonfly power events and report on them
  • Research stories relevant to our projects
  • Identify opportunities to establish relationships with local community groups
  • Think of innovative ways to drive online engagement
  • Identify target audiences and being up to date with current trends!


No experience required. We will make you aware of our projects and campaigns and help and support you to gain the most advantage from this opportunity. 

Get in touch

Use this form if you want to invest in our projects, invite a member of Dragonfly Power to give a talk or presentation to your group, suggest a potential site for renewable energy or ask a general question about Dragonfly Power.

Building a low carbon community in the Test Valley

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Dragonfly Power CBS Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 as a Community Benefit Society, registration number: 8997
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