About Us

Dragonfly Power is a community energy group. Who were formed by a group of residents from Transition Town Romsey. We are now working across the whole of Test Valley. 
We aim to increase the uptake of renewable energy working with local businesses, schools and other community organisations.

Dragonfly Power are one of five groups supported through Hampshire County Council's Pathways Programme delivered by Community Energy South in Partnership with Test Valley Borough Council and funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund as part of a borough wide programme to help communities and businesses to decarbonise.

We are registered as a Community Benefit Society, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Who we are

Dragonfly Power are a community energy group who were formed by a group of residents from Transition Town Romsey. We are now working across the whole of Test Valley. Our main aims are:

  • Generate Renewable Energy - To increase the uptake and development of a portfolio of renewable energy projects in Test Valley, working with schools, businesses and other community organisation and facilities.
  • Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT) - To manage and deliver an energy advice programme for households, communities and organisations in Test Valley. Including: giving talks and workshops at events and to community groups on home energy efficiency and providing home energy surveys with thermal imaging (subject to suitable weather conditions).
  • To work with communities, supporting the decarbonisation of community buildings or other assets in Test Valley and by assisting them with writing funding bids for the installation of energy efficiency and low carbon technologies.

How does it work?

  • Dragonfly Power will work with the owner of a suitable site to install renewable energy equipment such as rooftop solar panels
  • Installation costs are funded by Dragonfly Power
  • The building user will benefit from cheaper electricity generated on site through a Power Purchase Agreement with Dragonfly Power
  • Dragonfly Power will own, maintain and manage the equipment
  • The cost of the works will be raised by a local share offer by Dragonfly Power and the income from electricity sales will pay off investors
  • Shareholders get a competitive return on their investment
  • Surplus money will be used to benefit the community

We are also keen to partner with other groups in delivery of energy efficiency advice and initiatives to tackle fuel poverty in the local community.

Get in touch

Use this form if you want to invest in our projects, invite a member of Dragonfly Power to give a talk or presentation to your group, suggest a potential site for renewable energy or ask a general question about Dragonfly Power.

Building a low carbon community in the Test Valley

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Dragonfly Power CBS Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 as a Community Benefit Society, registration number: 8997
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